15x4x42 B Series AV

NMC TRACK Cat 257 Anti Vibration
15x4x42 B Series AV
SKU: 9400230
Weight: 280 lbs
This new non-metal core rubber track is made for the ASV type undercarriages that are now distributed by ASVI, Cat, and Terex. This is the anti-vibration tread pattern for minimal impact damage to finished surfaces.
Track Size: 15x4x42
Product Details

This fifteen inch wide track is the non-metal MTL track designed for the mid sized multi-terrain loaders by ASV such as the RC-50 and RC-60. This track fits the Cat® 247 and 257 series as well as the Terex PT-50 and PT-60. The same track size fits all sub series B and D models. The track is the original width of fifteen inches with forty two drive lugs down the center of the track. There are also forty two guide lugs down the outside edge of the track. Recently factories have started using thin layers of steel cords to these tracks to add strength. Since the market demand is high for both aramid cord style and steel cord style we carry both options for you to choose from. Let us know if you have a specific type you are interested in and we will get the exact track you want and we stand behind each version of these tracks with this same confidence.