Rubber Tracks and Undercarriage Parts since 2001

In the 2020's Rubbertrax, Inc. continues to thrive as one of the leaders of the aftermarket rubber track industry in the United States. We continually strive to improve our products and our process of delivering the best track for your machine at the best savings. We continue to expand our product line annually through development and partnerships to offer more money saving options for replacement rubber tracks and undercarriage parts. We listen to our customers annually and we actively seek more ways to save you money and provide the longest lasting undercarriage we can for our customers. Our experienced team remains dedicated to helping you by exceeding your expectations daily.

Rubbertrax, Inc introduced our industry-changing skid steer tracks in 2018 to answer the demand of skid steer owners that needed an affordable over the tire track option for the rainy season. Our engineering partners created a metal track that no longer requires the rubber pads to prevent destruction of the finished surfaces. These tracks are ideal for muddy job sites and are very easy to install and remove.

In 2017 as quality had reached an all-time high and defects were virtually eliminated it allowed us to focus on a wider range of tread pattern options for different environments. We now offer a wide variety of compact track loader tread patterns in each of our width options. No matter the conditions we have a track option including turf-friendly and snow removal options in addition to our standard line-up of popular tread patterns.

2016 brought a new focus on undercarriage parts as most of the major compact track loaders redesigned their undercarriage with exclusive parts. From 2016 to 2020 our compact track loader parts offering has more than doubled in individual part numbers. Several models take exclusive parts that do not interchange with any other model now from any manufacturer and the introduction of a variety of suspension systems has also brought a longer list of part numbers available which we stock as well.

In 2014 we have completed our expansion of the sixteen inch wide compact track loader tracks, including the addition of the Quad Track replacement track. The sixteen inch wide compact track loader track is a great compromise between cost and floatation for users that have previously only had thirteen and eighteen inch wide options. Many Bobcat T-190 and Takeuchi TL 8 / TL 130 users have adapted to the sixteen inch wide option for more floatation in muddy terrain. Several equipment manufacturers like Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota and Komatsu offer a sixteen inch wide rubber track on the machine at the time of the original purchase. We now stock all of the options for the existing track loaders in the market.

For several years prior there was a huge focus on operator comfort to reduce the dangerous impact of a tired and worn out operator. One of the major advancements in operator safety has also made a huge impact on undercarriage lifespan. In an effort to reduce vibration and jerking on the undercarriage during high speed operation our factories have focused on overlapping the forged steel links to eliminate gaps and spacing so that rollers and idlers remain in contact with the guide system at all times for smoother operation. This was a low cost upgrade to the guiding system so operators do not have a price increase to absorb but get the benefit of a longer lasting undercarriage, and a longer lasting operator!

One of the original improvements which is still offered today in replacement tracks is what is known as Continuous Steel Cord Technology. Introduced by Rubbertrax, Inc. in 2003, using Continuous Steel Cords (CSC), as opposed to overlapping the steel cords at a single joint, provides up to 40% more strength in the track. Given proper use of the machine this can potentially extend the lifespan of your tracks and save your company considerable money over the years in replacement tracks alone. The truth is, there are tracks out there that still use the overlapping technology that even exceed the strength of the continuous steel cord tracks. When properly implemented the overlapping technology can be just as strong as the continuous steel cord. The CSC method was adopted by the Chinese factories many years ago to be able to compete with the supreme technology of the South Korean manufacturers. Rubbertrax, Inc. offers both types of cord technologies and backs them by a warranty that will provide confidence to the end user. Talk to our sales team for more information. Some of our staff members have more than eight years of dedicated rubber track experience and we can discuss all the different types of track design and how it effects your business.

Rubbertrax, Inc. offers Continuous Steel Cord Technology