Did you know that when it comes to the Bobcat MT85 that Rubbertrax also offers a heavy-duty track and not just the standard duty track?  We stock heavy-duty options from the seven inch wide version through the ten inch wide version. https://www.rubbertrackstore.com/store/pc/250x72x45-C-55p286.htm

Using a heavy-duty track would be the better option for the MT-85. It has more rubber than the standard duty track which can last longer and help you go further on the job. In fact, the track itself weighs about 50lbs more than the standard duty and that 50lbs can make all the difference when it comes to your tough tasks.

There is a slight catch with the heavy-duty track, as it is a little difficult to install, but do not let that stop you from getting the better track for your machine. You will need to take the font roller off the machine in order to get the heavy duty track on. Once you put the track back on, you can put the roller back on and then tighten the track with the tensioner.  Watch this guy with expert level advice on installing the MT-85 rubber tracks: